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Char Dham Yatra Tour Package

Glimpse of Char Dhams


Revel in the Untamed Allure of Jim Corbett National Park

Nature lovers seeking thrilling adventures amidst wilderness splendor need look no further. We offer bespoke journeys into the heart of Jim Corbett National Park with captivating jeep safaris, cozy accommodations, and serene night stays under the stars.


Intrepid Jeep Safaris

Our extensive jeep safaris promise riveting up-close sightings of the park’s rich biodiversity. Led by expert naturalists well-versed in the local ecology and wildlife, traverse lush sal forests, expansive grasslands and more in search of elusive tigers, leopards, elephants and over 600 avian species. Careen through diverse landscapes as you snap that perfect shot.


Tailored Lodging

After an exhilarating day outdoors, replenish yourself at our thoughtfully appointed accommodations. Opt for rustic jungle cottages, eco-lodges seamlessly blended into the surroundings, or even luxurious resorts. Wake up to birdsong as nature lulls you to sleep each night.


Surreal Nighttime Experiences

As darkness descends, our special night stay packages allow you to experience Corbett’s nocturnal wonders first-hand. Sit fireside exchanging stories before gazing in awe at the dazzling night sky in the company of expert naturalists.


Personalized Adventure Awaits

We craft each guest experience uniquely based on your travel style and budget. Solo travelers, families and groups of friends have journeyed with us through the wild beauty of Corbett National Park, making memories to last a lifetime.

Contact us today to curate your own tailor-made safari into the heart of the jungle. Gola Holidays promises to reconnect you with nature and the thrill of adventure.